What Will Be the New Normal for Business?

After a year of COVID and the resulting disruption to most businesses brought about by lockdown and enforced home working, questions are increasingly being asked by company’s and employees alike as to what the future of working will look like.

In perhaps the most comprehensive survey of business to date, commissioned by the London Chamber of Commerce we may have some answers.

Between the 4th of February and the 16th of March 2021, 500 London Business Leaders across a range of sectors and sizes were interviewed and the results make interesting reading.

They concluded that:

  • 62% of London business leaders said they have allowed staff to work from home at least 2 days a week as a result of the pandemic (the majority of the remainder {32%} said it was not applicable to their organisation).    
  • 36% said they would maintain these levels when the pandemic is over.  A further 16% said they would also continue remote working, but in a reduced manner.  In total, 52% said they will continue remote working in some form each week when the pandemic is over. 
  • 41% of businesses polled have reduced their physical space (e.g. offices) as a result of the pandemic.  
  • 31% said they will continue with a reduced space in some form, with 61% saying they will keep conducting meetings virtually where possible, when the pandemic is over. 

It seems clear from this apparently balanced survey that it is generally accepted by business that those who can are likely to be working rather differently from now on, the previous twelve months having shown this is possible with some planning.

Clearly for businesses to both survive and prosper within the new environment, it is critical they have the systems in place to allow their staff to work efficiently and to provide the flexibility of working which is likely to be a significant consideration of talented future employees.

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