Taking the Strain Out of E Mail Management

Email has long played a critical part in both our business and personal lives, for many people checking the Inbox it is one of the first things they do each day and certainly this is true once they begin their working day.

For many users however, the inbox is not just a means of accessing important information but also a means of storing it ad infinitum. This can of course lead to issues of security, but more practically is the source of a huge amount of wasted time as we try to find a particular mail but can’t remember either the title or the sender.

When this phenomenon is replicated across tens or possibly hundreds of members of staff, it is not difficult to appreciate that the cost to business in terms of wasted time and cash can be colossal.

If you recognise these issues yourself, within your department or across your business, now may be a good time to conclude that:

Your company needs an email management system

According to a recent study carried out by the industry body AIIM (Association for Intelligent Information Management) it concluded that email security was generally considered less seriously than most other business documentation, a factor not without its risks.

Amongst those reasons cited by AIIM for this were:

  • The enormous number of messages involved.
  • The consumable and disposable attitude to email
  • Its proneness to human error, from unintended recipients to the wrong sending of attached documents

Your company needs an email management solution because.

Frankly, Microsoft Outlook and other similar platforms were never designed to manage the vast volumes of email being asked of them. They were principally designed as a speedy means of communication and NOT as a search and find depository for millions of documents.

If you, your colleagues and your business are constantly struggling to find information contained within emails (assuming they were not deleted) then now may well be the time to consider investing in a document management system that as part of its infrastructure includes the management of email.

Email management, regardless of the system you use, allows you to store email messages, together with their attachments in a central repository where they can be referenced alongside your other documents and from here can both generate and form part of your workflow automation.

It is often the case that only the attachment requires retaining as these contain specific information, be they and invoice, CV, confirmation or receipt. Email management allows you to save and index both the attachment and body of the email separately for future reference.

As all documents are fully OCR’d at the point at which they are saved, documents may be retrieved via their text as well as the index criteria applied to them.

By way of an example, when your Accounts Department receives an email with an invoice attached, the text and invoice may be saved separately within the document management system. From this point the invoice approval workflow will be launched without further employee intervention.

By using DocuWare Cloud’s email management solution you can:

  • Store messages with a mouse click or archive email automatically in DocuWare.
  • Start a search directly from Outlook or other email clients.
  • Access document management functionality directly from your email inbox
  • Treat email like any other business document to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Enhance collaboration by making archived email messages and attachments available to authorized team members.
  • Improve organization of related content, such as technical specs, customer correspondence or transactional data.
  • View the email chain from everyone in your company communicating with a customer or supplier.
  • Mark email that you want to keep in your inbox as filed or remove email messages from your inbox once they have been stored in DocuWare.
  • Delete duplicates and promotional messages according to the parameters you set.

Why not get in touch with one of our implementation experts and let us help you on your journey.