Digital Mailroom

Fast, secure, digital access to your paper mail

Your incoming mail arrives at our secure premises via a dedicated PO Box number. Mail is opened, sorted, digitally captured and all relevant data extracted. Employees receive digital mail everyday and selected data is uploaded to your own systems if required. Documents are securely destroyed or returned to your office securely.

Find Out What Our Customers Are Saying

DocuWare’s flexibility which allows each of our departments to use the software in very different ways expanding charitable income and helping us reach out goals.

A very professional and efficient service was provided by BPMS. Their Can-Do attitude is always a comfort and their time-tested procedures have proven, beyond doubt, their worth.

The software BPMS have provided has saved us many hours in processing, increasing accuracy and control and ultimately, a deduction in cost

The system can save on staff costs by virtue of the fact that fewer can manage a large document load without having to leave their desks and trace files.

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How Does A Digital Mailroom Work?

1 - Mail Arrives

Your incoming mail arrives at our secure premises via a dedicated PO Box number.

2 - Preparation

Our expert team open and sort your mail. Junk and agreed unwanted items are removed.

3 - Scanning

The remaining mail items are categorised and scanned into a format of your choice such as PDF. OCR and indexing is also optional.

4 - Delivery

Scanned mail will be uploaded to you document management system according to your agreed SLA. Confidentiality and security is guaranteed.

Benefits Of A Digital Mailroom

Greater Efficiency

When communication is paper based, the volume of documents that need to be handled, sent and re-directed can be mind-boggling. Getting through each letter, package, notice, report and document can take up a huge amount of time – time that could be spent on more constructive things.

Enhances Home Working

With so many people working from home these days, getting their paper mail to them has become both time consuming, costly and slow.

It Provides Instant, Secure Access

If it wasn’t enough that paper filing can be messy and cumbersome to sort and file, it’s also slow and difficult to search. Having to correctly identify and access paper documents means a time-consuming job looking through filing cabinets to find documents. Once your mail has been scanned and digitised, any authorised user can directly search for, share, and track files instantly and securely right from their computer or mobile device whether they are home or in the office.


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By putting your trust in BPMS you have access to decades of experience in working with clients both large and small in delivering document management solutions. We deliver and support the latest platforms and operate a fully staffed document scanning bureau housing the very latest equipment to deliver you a professional one stop shop for all your document and information management needs.

Security Guarantee

The security of your highly sensitive data, the cornerstone of everything you do, is central to everything we do at BPMS. All our personnel are subject to DBS checks and enter into a non-disclosure contract and our systems are continually subjected to the most strenuous testing.


Whilst maintaining the highest standards of security and professionalism across our entire business, at BPMS we constantly subject our systems, solutions and processes to external scrutiny and as a result we hold all of the necessary accreditations to ensure your total peace of mind.

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