Remote Working

Document Management

Remote Working

Did you know that 65% of people think that they work best from home?

34% of U.S. workers would take a pay cut of up to 5% in order to work remotely. And those who do work remotely say they’re happy in their jobs 29% more than on-site workers.

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BPMS help organisations overcome remote working challenges

Most organisations have successfully implemented video meetings such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. On top of this, remote network folder access is fairly common place to most employees.

The missing piece in the remote working jigsaw for most organisations is digital document access. 

The most common document types include:

  • HR files and records 
  • Invoices and purchase orders
  • Daily post items
  •  Plans / diagrams
  • Legal documents
Without a digital document management system, the above documents and many more have become either impossible or very difficult to access.
legal document scanning

Digitising your documents is the first step

The second step is implenting a document management system

Document management — also known as document management systems (DMS) — helps you organise paper and digital files in a central digital repository. These systems process, capture, store, manage and track documents within your organisation.

Happier, healthier employees

Lower costs

Increased productivity

Reduced office space costs