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With HR departments and employees alike increasing working away from the normal office environment now is surely the time to seriously consider digitalising your employee record archive.

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HR Record & File Scanning​

Despite increasing amounts of employee information being held electronically by HR departments, we are regularly surprised just how much of this sensitive information is still maintained in paper form and housed in filing cabinets.

With HR departments and employees alike increasing working away from the normal office environment now is surely the time to seriously consider digitalising your employee record archive.

Benefits Include

Accessibility from any location and on any device

Speedy and accurate retrieval of files

A huge increase in efficiency

Security and compliance

BPMS operate a state-of-the-art scanning bureau and are able to quickly and efficiently scan large volumes of HR related material.

Each record may be scanned in its entirety or broken down into digital sections if preferred and scanned to the file format of your choice, be it PDF, TIFF or JPEG.

Once documents are scanned to your precise specifications, they may be indexed using a range of metadata to suit your ongoing requirement. These may include, for example, the Employee ID Number, Name, DoB, Title and Department. Additionally, files may be OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) to facilitate a search of the documents content.

Once your documents are scanned and indexed, they may then be stored securely and be accessible in either your own application or one provided by BPMS. These may range from simple to use search and find applications to SharePoint or one of our document management solutions.

Critically, your employee records managed in this way may become much easier to retrieve from a single central location and are infinitely more secure and hence compliant.

A Reduction of Paper Storage

HR departments have always generated and been required to store vast quantities of paper. This is both difficult to work with, particularly remotely but moreover takes up significant expensive floor space, space which could be used for more productive purposes.

To avoid this issue BPMS provide a full archive scanning service and are easily able to convert your entire employee record archive to digital media, efficiently and accurately and to your desired timescale.

Managing your Employee Records Efficiently

Besides the obvious benefit of drastically reducing your physical storage space and costs, the real benefit of working with digital employee records is the speed and accuracy of retrieval. How much time is currently lost searching for paper files?

In addition, storing documents electronically allows them to be viewed and shared by individuals in different locations. As more and more employees are working away from the office and this being likely to continue for the foreseeable future, how restrictive are you finding it working with a single paper copy of an important document held in the office?

Working with an electronic document management system it is possible to access your filing from any location and on any device. If you currently operate back office software within your HR department, why not let us help you integrate this to create a totally rounded solution.

Your security and compliance

There is only one way to ensure that your sensitive HR and Payroll records are completely safe and accessible only to those authorised and that is to locate your digital records in a document management system.

Permissions of access may be attributed to individual document type if desired with all activities subject to full audit trail scrutiny. The penalties covering the misappropriation of data under GDPR are stringent, a document management system will ensure you are always fully compliant.

Automating your digital HR records within a document management solution allows you to replace existing cumbersome paper processes. Such changes as pay reviews, disciplinary correspondence and general communication with employees can be set up easily and automatically to take the guess work and labour out of everyday activities whilst ensuring employee records are managed correctly and compliantly.


By putting your trust in BPMS you have access to decades of experience in working with clients both large and small in delivering document management solutions. We deliver and support the latest platforms and operate a fully staffed document scanning bureau housing the very latest equipment to deliver you a professional one stop shop for all your document and information management needs.

Security Guarantee

The security of your highly sensitive data, the cornerstone of everything you do, is central to everything we do at BPMS. All our personnel are subject to DBS checks and enter into a non-disclosure contract and our systems are continually subjected to the most strenuous testing.


Whilst maintaining the highest standards of security and professionalism across our entire business, at BPMS we constantly subject our systems, solutions and processes to external scrutiny and as a result we hold all of the necessary accreditations to ensure your total peace of mind.

What Our Clients Say

One of our original purposes in implementing DocuWare was to make our move to a new building easier and move toward a paperless office. That was accomplished, but the real benefit we’ve seen is DocuWare’s flexibility which allows each of our departments to use the software in very different ways expanding charitable income and helping us reach out goals.

Richard Gardner
Information System Manager

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