Document Imaging

The Document Imaging Service from BPMS converts paper documents to digital images and enables you to store, access and manage them electronically. Our services are trusted by hundreds of companies across the UK. We stand for quality, speed, accuracy and security.

legal document scanning

Businesses today are constantly creating paper documents which often add to already existing paper archives. Most businesses understand that the future is digital and a paper light or paperless environment should be worked towards. Many documents need to be stored for compliance purposes however traditional box storage or paper based records management no longer proves to be a cost effective or efficient way to work.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses of any size is how to bring their existing archives together with the information they create on a daily basis. BPMS Document Imaging Services allow organisations to convert all of their hard copy document archives into a digital format. The images can be saved into a variety of formats(often PDF, TIFF and JPG) and uploaded into almost any content management system. This makes for easy searching, fast retrieval, improved sharing and security.

If you don’t have a content management system then don’t worry, there are plenty of options. We will be happy to demonstrate DocuWare – an Enterprise Content Management System. DocuWare has been adopted by some of the worlds leading organisations and is available in both standalone(server based) and cloud variants.

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