Large Format Scanning

BPMS is the UK’s leading provider of large format scanning services. Our services are trusted by hundreds of companies across the UK with requirements for scanning larger items such as plans, drawings and maps.

large format scanning

Large Format Scanning Service Overview

Our large format scanning services tend to be used by a number industry sectors in particular. These include building and construction, architects, councils and design. All of these work with over sized documents that can’t be scanned on a high volume scanner. For this reason we have invested in the latest technology wide format scanners to handle almost any size of map, plan or drawing. Our scanners can handle up to A0 in width but also up to approximately 2 metres in length.


Typical Applications


  • Engineering or architectural drawings
  • Service/Technical Manuals
  • Planning Applications
  • Environmental Reports
  • Legal Submissions
  • Maps and plans
  • Blueprints

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