About BPMS

Delivering the support you need

Enabling your organisation to work towards common goals through an interconnected programme that leverages  your talent, resources and initiatives.

Critical delivery factors

The core skills required to plan and deliver a full transformation programme may not be readily available within many organisations or limited by scarce human resources.
Developing the transformation road map, overseeing its implementation and then successfully delivering are key factors that will fundamentally dictate the success or failure of any transformation programme.

Supporting your success

We partner with a business, providing the experience, skills and support to deliver your business transformation programme – building in capability for long term success.
Our experienced teams work closely with you to fully understand what you are looking to achieve and provide the independent strategic view that will help you to shape and deliver your business transformation.

Your people matter

Bringing your people with you is critical to success. We work with you to develop a top down programme that drives the necessary change and culture across the organisation.
The whole organisation should work together towards common goals – enabling strategic alignment and an interconnected programme of activity that utilises your talent, resources and initiatives.


Our Story

We have developed to help organisations change how they think and do things in an increasingly competitive and technology driven market place

BPMS founder, Neil Hagerty sets up consultancy to meet business challenges around data

Focus moves to NGOs, the third sector and other large organisations waking up to cost of storing and managing predominantly paper-led systems

Expansion of services to help businesses looking to become more efficient as ‘lean processes’ moves mainstream

Business rebranded BPMS to support businesses facing increasingly competitive markets and fast paced technology developments

Focus on developing solutions for our customers on GDPR compliance

Set up to change how organisations think and do things in an increasingly competitive and technology driven market place

BPMS Limited was founded as a clear response to the increasingly competitive and technology driven market place that organisations face. More than ever, organisations need to regularly and critically examine their working practises to ensure they are secure, cost effective, compliant and efficient.

We bring together decades of experience in collaboratively evaluating and transforming organisations’ business processes across a wide variety of sectors – to deliver increased performance.

Our team of vastly experienced Business Process Transformation specialists are specifically selected with the requisite skills necessary to deliver a customised/aligned approach – rather than a team that simply delivers a similar approach solution time after time.


Our Focus

Building trust with our customers is key, and very important to us as we look to build long term relationships with them – supporting them now and in the future. Our business is based on the following four pillars – each value at the core of how we conduct our business.


We develop trust through building relationships and delivering on our promises


We are open with our customers about how we work and ensure constant dialogue throughout the process

Customer driven

We put our customers first – constantly striving to add value


We work in partnership with our customers to share risk and deliver long-term benefits


Our values

Our people always conduct business ethically and we provide services only where we have the capacity or capability to perform the work, and where there is no conflict of interest. We will also ensure that expectations are aligned before we proceed.
We have the following approach to ensure customers get the service they expect:

  • We agree objectives with clients at the proposal stage 
  • We have a strict sales process meaning that we only undertake work which is within our capability and capacity 
  • Challenges are raised immediately and a resolution plan is put in place 
  • We provide a project manager as the single point of contact through a programme  

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