The Platform

DocuWare offers comprehensive features for digitising information and business processes through multitenant SaaS public cloud services, traditional on-premises deployments, and a range of hybrid solutions. 

DocuWare Version 7.2

The current DocuWare version is all about user-friendliness. Working with documents, controlling and processing of tasks within workflows as well as configuring DocuWare, all have become more convenient.

DocuWare Cloud

Best-in-class document management and workflow automation content services for teams and companies of any size — delivered on a multitenant cloud platform.

Cloud and on-premises deployment

Deploy DocuWare in the model that fits your organisation’s IT ecosystem: as a SaaS cloud solution, traditional on-premises, or in a hybrid model — with zero compromise on features, capabilities and user experience.

Mobile apps

Give your team the benefits of DocuWare’s “any-X” access: anywhere, anytime, from any device. Mobile apps for iOS and Android keep your team connected and productive.

Preconfigured Cloud Solutions

The uncompromisingly easy entry into office automation for accelerating your business.

Features and capabilities

DocuWare is the platform that empowers you to capture, process and use your business information. Keep your teams fluid and productive, automate document workflows in any organisation, and protect data and documents with secure, centralised archiving.

Security and integration

Protect sensitive information and implement reliable measures to ensure business continuity. Provide seamless flow of information between applications, departments and teams through flexible, secure and holistic integration.

Who Are DocuWare

DocuWare provides digital document management and automated workflows to organisations of any size and across all major industries from manufacturing and retail to healthcare and government. With availability in 16 languages and supporting cloud and on-premises deployments, DocuWare currently serves 14,000 customers across 90 countries with a global network of over 650 partners.

Digital transformation

Establish a new pace for innovation by transforming into a digital-first business.

Go Paperless
Automate Common Processes
Embrace the Mobile Workforce
Get Ahead of Compliance
Move to the Cloud

Our focus

Empower knowledge workers to work without compromise within critical business areas.

Finance & accounting
Invoice processing
Employee management
Sales & marketing

The platform

Discover the breadth and depth of DocuWare document management and workflow automation.

DocuWare Cloud
Preconfigured cloud solutions
Cloud and on-premises deployment
Features and capabilities
Mobile apps

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