Spotlight on working from home. Will Coronavirus force people to work from home?

Will Coronavirus force people to work from home?

In May 2019, The Telegraph reported that “According to government figures, 1.3 million of us now work from home, with a further 300,000 working in the same grounds or building as our homes. Another 2.7 million people said that they work in different places but use home as a base.”

Fast forward nearly a year and Coronavirus is front page news across the world. With many countries on lock-down, for many companies the only option will soon be to allow employees to work from home.  The likelihood of extended workplace shutdowns seems increasingly likely as Coronavirus spreads.

So what are the advantages working from home?

Are we ready to work from home? Do we have everything we need and can we manage without our paper documents?

Advantages of working from home:

Less time spent commuting

Cutting out a commute can be both a big morale booster and a huge time saver too. Employees waste less money on fuel and costs associated with running a car or public transport costs.

Increased productivity

A study by Stanford University found that employees working from home were 13% more productive than those in the office. There are fewer distractions and interruptions when working from home. Home workers often report they find focusing on their tasks is easier because of this.


Work life balance is a hot topic and happy employees are the most productive. Those working from home are generally happier than those working from an office.

Reduce office space costs

With more staff working from home the requirement for office space is reduced. There are obvious cost savings associated with this including a reduction in rent(or even in buildings), heating, cooling, insurance and office supplies.

Meetings are reduced

With more staff working remotely, impromptu meetings become a thing of the past and other meetings tend to be faster when online. This leaves more time for core tasks and productivity is increased.

Can we manage without our documents when working from home?

There have always been barriers for employees when working from home. These days most employees have a laptop and mobile phone. This gives them the connectivity they need to work from home or indeed from almost anywhere in the world.

But what about our paper documents, how do we work from home without these. Implementing DocuWare will allow you to reinvent your work environment and is the final piece in the working from home jigsaw.

With DocuWare, making sure that processes move with you is easy. Salespeople gain access to customer records and up-to-date status information through their mobile devices.

A post-sales customer service team can scan order data via mobile device and record it in a web form, which then makes sure it is automatically forwarded for further processing.

Everyone in your team can work with synchronised information immediately, without any gaps or wait time. This makes business processes agile, increases service quality and creates trust among customers and prospects.

Thanks to digitisation and mobile document management, good teamwork today no longer needs to be held between nine and five in the office. DocuWare provides the reliable basis for seamless information flow and secure data, no matter where and when your employees want to do their jobs.

Coronavirus could force many businesses to allow staff to work from home. This could be a great test for many organisations and in many cases could prove that working from home is the future.

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