Let’s Make Document Management Software Integration Easy

The prospect of integrating software platforms has generally been greeted with dread by businesses, often associated with spiralling costs and no lack of disruption to working, not to mention teething troubles.

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way.

DocuWare breaks away from the traditions of hard coding and all the inherent issues it can bring. Let’s look at how it achieves this, bringing fantastic results to your business all without the need of IT involvement.

View documents from your existing business software applications

DocuWare Smart Connect is a clever tool which allows you to interface with any of your existing applications and via these to search for any document held within the DocuWare depository.

With a single mouse click you are able to view any document or email without having to leave the application in which you are working.

For example, your HR or Finance teams may be working within your payroll system and using Smart Connect they can access any related information from emails to documents stored within DocuWare. One click of the mouse and totally seamless.

The Key Capabilities

  • Seamlessly connects any software you operate to DocuWare
  • Establishes a secure and reliable connection.
  • Eliminates manual searches and switching between applications.
  • Requires no programming.


Email management aligned to the way you work.

Through DocuWare Connect to Outlook or Connect to Mail you can manage all your email traffic. Securely archive all incoming and outgoing email whilst being able to reference these instantly in any application or use them to trigger a workflow.

Frequently used search views are embedded directly in your inbox for single-screen productivity. You can configure these email management modules to suit the way you work. For example, you can specify whether an email should be saved along with its attachments or decide that only attachments will be stored.

The Key Capabilities

  • Stores email with a mouse click or archive them automatically. 
  • Starts a search and displays the results directly from Outlook or other email clients.
  • Enables you to treat email like any other business document to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Makes archived email messages and attachments available to authorised team members.
  • Deletes duplicates and meaningless standard messages, if required


Fully Automate your existing processes

DocuWare’s Autoindex really is very clever. By using index criteria and search terms from within your company’s other business software, it is able to take this data and uses it to populate index fields and store documents automatically.


You can use the tool to capture, index and store incoming documents or to modify index fields in documents you have already archived. Autoindex can also import metadata and search words from your other systems for even more time savings. 


New index terms can be pulled from external data sources like your ERP or accounting software or from files in DocuWare. Conversely, index information from DocuWare can be written to records in external data sources. Autoindex can either be started manually or according to a schedule you set.


The Key Capabilities 

  • Automates indexing and eliminate manual processes.  
  • Ensures error-free data capture. 
  • Enables easy data sharing with other solutions to eliminate redundant processes.
  • Makes certain that information is consistent across multiple databases.


Import and store documents in one simple step

With DocuWare Printer, you simply upload the printer driver to other business software and select “Print to DocuWare.” With this tool, documents are saved as PDFs, captured, indexed and stored using the print command.


Users specify how incoming documents are processed. Documents can be separated by a certain number of pages or with templates. For standard documents, such as outgoing invoices, quotes or cost estimates, indexing terms are read directly from the document – this means your documents can be archived fully automatically!  


The Key Capabilities

  • Stores documents directly into a centralised repository from any software
  • Defines how a document is handled via simple configuration.
  • Automatically attaches documents to an email after they are stored for easy distribution.

Software integration obviously comes in many guises and whilst many of these will require specialist IT intervention, I hope this article has been able to demonstrate that many do not and can be achieved very easily.

Through sharing of information between applications it is possible to remove much of the workload and error from everyday tasks with the added benefit of saving time, space and money.

If you are thinking about getting more from your existing software, why not get in touch and speak with one of our specialists who can advise you as to the best way forward.

Why not get in touch with one of our implementation experts and let us help you on your journey.