Avoid Thinking Too Big When Going Paperless

Now this may seem a bizarre thing for a company providing electronic document management solutions to say, but from years of working with hundreds of organisations it is usually a mistake to be thinking of the Global Solution from the get go.

Whilst any solution you adopt should be both scalable and future proof, perhaps the most common mistake made by businesses looking to move to a paperless environment is trying to accommodate every department, every process and every document type from day one.

Whilst most businesses work inter departmentally to one extent or another, it is generally much better to work systematically from one department to the next when adopting a document management solution.

We would recommend initially setting up a team to begin considering the direction you wish to take. This will allow you to prioritise those departments and processes most adversely effecting the business now and therefore logically those which should be considered first in your future project.

Never underestimate the potentially negative effect cultural change can have on employees if this is not handled carefully and sympathetically. Get it wrong and your staff can subtly ensure your initiative fails, get it right they will come with you and embrace the benefits. Above all, engage them in the process as early as possible.  

Focus on a Single Department and Move on from There

When planning to go paperless, always try to focus on a single department to start with. This may be for instance Accounts or Human Resources. Both of these generally generate and process large quantities of information which can be time consuming and expensive and which will deliver the fastest return on your investment.

Furthermore, these two departments are often closely linked, sharing data and processes in areas such as payroll, so transition from one to the next is logical as you begin to transition each department across to your chosen document management solution.


Document management solutions have the ability to link multiple departments and offices, where information and processes may be seamlessly shared. Any such move will bring enormous benefit to your organisation but only if the roll out is actioned in a controlled manner but please remember the Golden Rules of good implementation.


  • Assemble and Implementation Team
  • Consider each department individually and plan your schedule
  • Always involve the users (success or failure is in their hands)


If you would like more help in moving to a Paperless Office or want to arrange a free, no obligation consultation, please get in touch with us, we’re here to help