Working with Digital HR Records – The Benefits

This certainly has been a year like no other, causing business to completely rethink how they will operate in the ‘new normal’.

One thing we have learned is that employees are perfectly capable of working away from the office, provided of course they have available to them their information and processes.

From the contacts we have received recently, the department which perhaps has found the transition to home working most challenging has been Human Resources, with many department workers finding themselves at home while the files they require daily remain in the office.

This obviously leads rise to various questions: –

  • How can HR departments access employee records away from the office?
  • How can employee records be maintained remotely?
  • How do I know who has accessed files?
  • How do I make sure we are acting compliantly?

In order to enable your HR department to access employees records remotely, it is necessary first to digitalise them. This action delivers a host of immediate benefits, not least that of clearing space within your office.

HR Record Scanning

The scanning process can take a number of forms dependent upon your individual access requirements, for example an existing record can be scanned in its entirety and divided by electronic book marks or if preferred can be scanned as individual component parts.

At BPMS we operate a range of the latest scanning equipment and maintain rigorous procedures to ensure total accuracy and absolute security.

Once employee records have been scanned to the clients specification, we provide a full indexing service and are able to add a range of required metadata and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to allow a search of the text of any document.

File Location and Retrieval

Once your files have been scanned and indexed to your specific requirements your next task is to decide where these images and their indexing will reside and through which they may be retrieved by those both in and away from your office.

Obviously the simplest and cheapest option is to make them available via a shared network drive, through which selected employees may be provided secure access.

Whilst this option would prove a significant improvement against hard copy storage in terms of space saving and access, it may be rather limited in working with your files or automating your existing paper processes.

To allow you and your colleagues to work with your documents with full functionality we would recommend you consider an investment in electronic document management software.

Such software, either on premise or increasingly Cloud will deliver so many benefits in the way you hold, retrieve and manage your information and processes: –

Electronic Document Management

  • Full secure access to your HR filing be your employees be in the office or working remotely.
  • Immediate and accurate retrieval of files via index or text searches
  • View your filing on any device and in any location
  • Upload new documents to an employee record and delete those which have expired
  • Manage version control with full audit accountability
  • Automate workflow processes across the department
  • Secure access ensuring total document security
  • Total compliance assurance


BPMS offer a wide range of document management and scanning solutions, bringing huge benefit to HR departments both in the UK and overseas.

Each solution is carefully developed to match our client’s requirements both current and projected to ensure you can both adapt and prosper in the new world of working.

For further information or to arrange your free consultation please get in touch.