Top Tips How Document Management Benefits HR Departments

Human Resource departments have had to operate in very different ways over recent months as they themselves and the organisations workforce they administer have been forced to work remotely from the normal workplace environment.

As restrictions have been lifted and more employees encouraged to return to their desks then the onus has been on HR to ensure safe working conditions.

As the workplace has changed out of all recognition, it has highlighted very clearly that traditional paper-based filing and processes are no longer fit for purpose and a need to replace these with digital versions is required to both survive and prosper.

The work of Human Resources departments has traditionally been a heavy administrative burden, labour intensive, time consuming and increasingly subject to strict legislation. This situation is not helped when key information is held in a variety of different formats and in multiple locations.

By digitalising documentation and automating processes HR departments can be confident that all of their information is held together, you’re working with the latest version and are completely compliant. All current and future processes can be replicated to allow colleagues away from the office to carry out their duties in an efficient user-friendly manner.  

Key areas where Automating your Working will bring Real Benefits

Replacing existing paper-based processes with digitally automated ones will deliver immediate increased efficiency, from recruiting new employees to managing their ongoing employment and care. Workflows are proven to dramatically improve communication between the Human Resources department, managers, and employees alike. Below we have highlighted a number of key areas where an electronic document management system can change the way you work positively and forever.


  1. Maintaining a safe Environment:

In these times, maintaining a healthy environment for both employees and visitors to your premises is paramount in getting things back to as normal as possible. Electronic document management, for example DocuWare, can help you by automating this process using pre-configured forms to allow you to monitor all comings and goings from the building in a fully auditable manner and to allow future contact if necessary.


  1. Employee records management:

Document management systems are able to integrate with your existing systems, employee, payroll etc. and effectively share data providing a single means by which this may be searched. This will ensure that although your information may be stored within a variety of applications it will appear to be in one.

Furthermore, existing practises which you may currently conduct manually can now be fully automated in a secure, strict access controlled and compliant manner with the ability to view a full audit trail of all activity.

  1. Employee Communication:

Whether it’s contracts, payroll, holidays, disciplinary matters or just a general need to communicate with employees, there are few things more likely to fill an HR department with dread. Will the information be received and acted upon, will it be added to the employee’s record (and removed) for future reference and are the actions compliant?

Electronic document management ensures that all of the guess work is removed from every process you operate. Whether this be communication with a single employee or notification to all, everything is fully tracked, installed within an employee’s record and as necessary, removed at the appropriate time.

New or revised contracts may be signed using eforms and a full audit trail of all activities created.

Consider how much more efficient and cost effective this way of working would be when compared to your current methods.

  1. Employee Recruitment:

Where once people applied for jobs by dutifully sending in a hard copy CV and covering letter, this is now almost entirely done either by sending in resumes via email or by applying online.

The arrival of electronic document management has radically changed this process by automatically receiving CV’s, reviewing them and then forwarding the appropriate ones to the correct hiring manager.

Perspective employees may be automatically contacted and interviews scheduled, whilst those who have been unsuccessful can be notified in a timely manner.

Once a new employee has been engaged, the system can be set up to automatically generate an offer letter, contract or other communication with all information carefully stored to the new employees record.

  1. Onboarding New Employees:

How your business in perceived by new employees in the initial days is critical to how you are viewed and ultimately how happy and productive they will be.

Automating the onboarding process will ensure that new employees will feel part of the team immediately and able to concentrate on the tasks for which they were employed.

Such items as contracts, payroll, banking information, employee handbooks and training plans can be delivered securely and where appropriate acknowledged and signed for ensuring that every detail is in place for both your new employee and your organisation.

  1. Employees Away from the Office:

Recent events have seen more and more employees regularly working away from their traditional office and this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future if not forever to one degree or another.

Given the potential stress and uncertainty this can place on employees, it has never been more important that all aspects of the business are seen to be both supportive and accurate.

Automating your HR system will ensure that all aspects of your relationship with your employees are seamless.

From holiday requests to child or health care issues, all members of your HR team can receive and action up to the minute employee requirements and respond immediately, therefore removing any additional stress from your valued members of staff.   

  1. Real Time Performance management:

Managing, collating and reporting employee appraisals has often been seen as a time-consuming process potentially strewn with error and mis-filing.

Using an electronic document management system, it is possible to fully customise all of your appraisal templates for immediate storage. In addition, future reviews, salary awards and raises can be documented taking all of the strain out of the process.

The real benefit however is knowing that every aspect of each employee’s career with you will be fully documented, accurately maintained and fully compliant.

If you need further information or we can help you with your document management requirements please get in touch.