Office Move or Downsizing - Why Take your Paper with You?

The way we have been used to working has obviously changed dramatically this year, causing business to look afresh at the way it operates.

For years the thought of employees working away from the office has filled businesses with fear but in recent months it has become commonplace if not compulsory – and it works!!

Having seen the numerous benefits of flexibility, the opportunity to employ people from further afield, cost savings and a much-improved work-life balance, many organisations are now looking at making these changes a permanent arrangement.

Businesses of all sizes are now realising that with many of their personnel now working from home on a regular basis, they no longer need to maintain large offices and can dramatically reduce their overheads accordingly, some even choosing to share these savings with their office-based staff.

What are the challenges of Relocation or Downsizing?

The downsizing in any business inevitably leads to challenges, not least a reduction in office space. This problem is obviously exaggerated if businesses are attempting to house numerous filing cabinets holding information used by departments on a day by day basis.

Even if space is found to house the filing during relocation, with employees increasingly working away from the office this hardly solves the problem as they need to commute to the office on a regular basis to view files or worse remove them from their location with the obvious security and compliance risks this brings.

What are the Alternatives?

You could of course opt to continue storing your filing in your new offices in filing cabinets but this of course would not solve the issue of remote employees accessing them and being able to work efficiently, securely and compliantly.

Alternatively, now by the right time to consider working with your filing in digital format.

By digitalising your filing and enabling it within a document management system you and your employees will have immediate, secure and compliant access to all of the data and processes they require to carry out their work efficiently, from anywhere and on any device.

BPMS have for decades been helping organisations of all sizes manage their key information both efficiently and securely.

Not being tied to a particular software solution, we are able to provide genuinely impartial advice ensuring you have exactly the right platform for your requirement both now and in the future.

Coupled with our quality assured scanning bureau, using the latest high-tech equipment, you can be assured that ALL your information management requirements are in very safe hands.

Why not get in touch with BPMS to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and let us help you take on the new way of working in total confidence, making the best use of your space.

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