What Exactly is Workflow Automation?

Put simply, Workflow automation is the process of automating a sequence of events, like file routing, information sharing, and human tasks between systems or people.

In layman’s terms, when an action occurs, be it the filling in of a form, or an action is completed, it triggers the next step. This might mean that it triggers information to be moved to a specific person or system, giving a streamlined, hands-off approach to repetitive tasks or processes.

Almost every process has a workflow attached to it. However, many workflows are filled with manual tasks that are time-consuming, error-prone, and expensive.

Workflow automation removes these time consuming and cumbersome elements and replaces them with a far superior environment which is swift, accurate, and relatively inexpensive.

How Can Workflow Automation Help Your Business?

From Human Resources to Finance, and IT to Marketing, workflow automation can liberate all departments from the burden of manual processes.

Let us explore how each department in your company can benefit from workflow automation software.

Human Resources

The Human Resource department in most businesses are both paper and process heavy from the recruitment and administration of staff to their ongoing training and wellbeing.

Automating as many of these processes and associated documents as possible can deliver quick and very beneficial results in:

  • Facilitates the use of electronic forms for onboarding, training, and reviews.
  • Drastically reduces paperwork.
  • Source, verify, and recruit candidates faster with automated approvals.
  • Ensure compliance on all processes.
  • Improve workflow visibility.
  • Provide a swifter onboarding/offboarding experience.


Finance has always been a department which both generates and requires to manage large quantities of data. Moreover, information relating to finance and its transactions is often held in other applications.

  • Simplify document management.
  • Save time on approval processing.
  • Schedule auto-payments for recurring invoices
  • Create a smart payroll management system.
  • Integrate data with other accounting software.


Marketing is a potentially expensive undertaking in any business, and it is therefore vital that all efforts are properly coordinated and able to be referenced for fear of missing opportunities generated. Automated workflow can ensure this in the following ways:

  • Delegate repetitive, menial tasks to the system.
  • Collaborate on workflows with teammates in multiple locations.
  • Ensure all content gets approved by the right people.
  • Establish a consistent process to nurture and follow up generated leads.
  • Manage multiple campaigns and monitor them from a unified dashboard.


Whilst all departments are important to a business, sales are its lifeblood. It is critical that all aspects of the process are accurate to ensure happy customers, repeat business and critically you get paid, in full, and on time.

  • Simplify list building by standardising the process.
  • Make sure all leads get the same red-carpet treatment.
  • Never let a lead slip through the cracks due to error.
  • Get insightful report and analysis on ongoing processes.
  • Send contextual welcome, thank you, or promotional emails.


Whether your business provides IT services or not, much of what you do will be governed by it. Workflow automation ensures your systems are joined up and your processes are accurate, fast, and highly efficient.

  • Assign tickets and escalations to available team members.
  • Avoid duplicate support requests.
  • Confirm scheduled updates with stakeholders.
  • Get a handle on Shadow IT.
  • Manage assets and track usage trends.

If we have helped you understand some of the benefits of workflow automation, why not get in touch with one of our highly trained specialists and start enjoying the efficiencies and savings in brings.