Invoice Processing Automation Can Return Your Investment in 1 Year

Whilst increased amounts of information and the need to maintain it both securely and compliantly have impacted most departments in recent years, none perhaps to the degree of Human Resources.

How they hold, manage, and administer this has come under more and more scrutiny and therefore the need for accurate management of data and processes is now critical.

By automating many of the processes within HR, existing workflows are able to be streamlined saving huge amounts of staff time, eradicating errors and ensuring working practises are secure and compliant.

A recent study has discovered that by bring electronic automation to everyday tasks within HR has decreased the amount of time spent on routine administrative tasks significantly.

In this article, we examine in a little more detail those areas of the HR function which typically benefit from automation software.

1. Recruitment Process

Recruitment of new employees can be a many faceted task and by automating many of these processes significant time and cost can be saved and as importantly help you find exactly the right new employee to fill your vacancy by providing a very professional approach to potential candidates.

Modern learning tools and Artificial Intelligence can automate all aspects of your recruitment procedure, from online application forms, automated email interview scheduling, automatically matching potential candidates for their suitability and forwarding these CV’s to appropriate managers whilst informing unsuccessful candidates.

2. Real Time Notifications

Employee records are constantly being updated and it is difficult to keep track of these changes manually and of course failure to do so can potentially lead to sanctions and fines.

Using electronic document management workflow, these concerns become a thing of the past as appropriate members of your HR team are automatically informed when tasks are required from appraisals to pay reviews to training schedules and disciplinary matters.

Furthermore, notifications can be placed across all employee records or a personalised basis at the click of a mouse.

Without the need to try and remember actions fewer HR employees can work much more efficiently whilst confidence amongst staff increases, safe in the knowledge that their actions are fully auditable, secure, and compliant.

3. Payroll and Benefits Administration

HR and Payroll have long been intrinsically linked but previously there have been no means by which these functions could be automatically joined up, they inevitably became detached from one another leading to potential errors and delays.

Workflow automation essentially joins up both HR and Payroll and allows information to be shared equally. When someone joins the organisation HR can quickly and easily install them within the company’s payroll system and through this communicate any changes affecting their pay or other benefits which can be automatically applied.

Previously time-consuming tasks can be completed accurately in a matter of seconds increasing the feeling amongst employees that matters are run well.

Third party payroll and pension administration providers can be allowed limited, secure, permission led access to interface with HR to maintain continuity between the business and its strategic contractors.

4. Background and Screening Checks

Background checks, particularly in certain industry sectors have become more and more widespread over recent years, if not compulsory.

Hitherto, this process has been time consuming and of course the consequences of error can have a damaging effect upon relationships and are therefore well worth avoiding.

As most of the background and security checks are carried out using third party agencies, automated workflow solutions allow you to link directly to these in a controlled manner to ensure information held within your system relevant to employees is both current and regularly updated.

5. Time and Attendance Management

Certain industry’s such as retail or hospitality potentially require a great many staff, on different grades of pay and working varying hours which without automation can be difficult to manage accurately, with mistakes being time consuming to correct.

As automation systems can integrate with other specialist time and attendance software packages, it is possible to seamlessly record hours worked, holiday entitlement, benefits, work schedules and leave and input these in real time directly to both your HR and Payroll functions.

To learn more about the benefits of automated workflow management within your Human Resource department why not get in touch with one of our specialists and allow to provide you with the assistance you need in implementing a more efficient future.