The Benefits of Secure Document Archiving

Achieve a paperless office

By storing your sensitive information in a protected digital archive means you can remove much of the paper from your office. This means no more misfiling or lost documents and a chance to remove those filing cabinets from the floor.

Simplify audit preparation

Audits are made so much easier as all the information you require is a click away and always what you are looking for, saving time.

Meet compliance standards

Compliance cannot be ignored. Electronic document management ensures you are compliant and are seen to be so. All documents are properly organised and available to ensure you meet the highest standards.

Prepare for disasters

How prepared is your business against either natural disasters (fire, flood), or malicious attacks on your data? Secure electronic archiving allows you to protect yourself from both and return to “business as usual” quickly.

DocuWare is the safest home for your documents

DocuWare is proven to provide a comprehensive document archiving and electronic workflow platform. It guarantees businesses a safe and secure repository for all of their important data and makes existing working practises infinitely more efficient.

How does DocuWare protect your security?

Format Flexibility

You are able to store any known document format from PDFs, email, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more), CAD files and much more.

Everything encrypted, everything protected

All data transmission is sent through HTTPS, and all documents are AES encrypted. In addition, a comprehensive access rights system keeps unwanted eyes away from your sensitive documents.

Backups on top of backups

Dedicated EU and US Microsoft Azure data centres feature triple data mirroring, plus off-site redundancy in the same region. Information is never lost, and disaster recovery planning is simplified.

Full track and trace ability providing complete transparency for auditing

Every action, be it document capture, version control and annotation are logged for complete traceability, with every workflow action being recorded for process transparency. Auditing has never been faster or more complete.

Data control for compliance and disposition

Granular access rights and rigorous information organisation expedite the support of the strictest compliance initiatives like GDPR, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, and simplify retention policy planning around sensitive documents.

Incomplete information is history

Automated, reliable and thorough indexing ensures documents are precisely organised, immediately available and actionable within workflow process. Every document is complete with no missing data, with every version of a documents history being available. 

Fast, comprehensive document searching

Retrieve any document accurately and instantly.

You may search for documents in a variety of ways, either via their full-text content or by the index data you have applied.


Help meeting regulatory compliance standards

Simplify compliance

Secure, organise and implement processes that directly support HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2 and many others.


Native integration with Microsoft Outlook

Safely archive critical email

Important emails and their attachments are a critical part of modern business. DocuWare can securely archive and organise important business email directly from Microsoft Outlook. 

Integration with ERP, CRM and more

It can be frustrating when you have important information housed within a number of unconnected applications.

DocuWare is able to integrate with and connect these applications be they in your CRM, ERP and other applications enabling seamless working across a variety of platforms.