How Safe is Your Data?

Recent high profile cases concerning Capital One and Canva have seen huge organisations falling victim to hackers and with-it, extremely sensitive information potentially falling into the hands of criminals.

Whilst these instances made headlines, there are countless others suffering in the same way, a situation which has if anything become more acute as employees work from home and less security control of data is potentially in place.

As a result of the current climate and the more diverse working arrangement brought about by COVID restrictions, it has never been more important to have security arrangements for your data in place.

Secure document management is one such way of achieving this.

It protects your documents and data while helping you remove paper from your organisation. It organises and stores your documents; helps you comply with compliance standards and ensures your business continuity through active backups in the event of a disaster.

What are the key Elements of Secure Document Management?

  1. Encryption and access rights
  • Authentication: All employees should be able to access their documents with a unique username and password.
  • Data traffic: The more secure HTTPS protocol should be used when transferring data and not HTTP.
  • Access control: Multiple levels of access should be possible based on job roles, specific groups, document types and departments.
  • Encryption: All data needs to be secured according to one of the most secure data encryption methods used by the U.S. government to protect confidential information: (AES) 256-bit encryption.
  1. Data Back-up and Virus Protection
Proper data back-up procedures are critical in terms of your business continuity.

  • Data (Back-up) redundancy: Multiple instances of data redundancy ensure data can be restored even if the active system becomes unavailable. At the very least, your data must be stored with backups in two different regions.
  • Malware protection: Secure document archiving requires built-in protection to safeguard your data and documents from malware.
  1. Data sovereignty and separation

Data sovereignty may seem like a choice, but it’s also a necessity, and data separation ensures customer data always remains private.

  • Data sovereignty:  Keeping data within the borders of where a business operates is crucial for many organisations. Cloud providers, in turn, need to make sure data and backups remain within those borders which typically protect customer information.
  • Data Separation: Customer data and documents should be fully separated from the document archiving software’s system data.
  1. Integrity and auditing

Document integrity simply means a document remains unimpaired. The following is crucial in proving a document’s integrity:

  • Full Audit: A secure document archiving solution needs to record every document access and change to create a complete document history for audit preparation.
  • Version Control Management: Proper version control management ensures that you can easily access document changes and that you’re only ever editing the most current document version. Plus, you can always access the original document for auditing purposes.
  • Electronic Signatures: The archiving solution should be able to electronically sign your documents in a secure way, e.g., by adding a digital certificate.

What this All Means

Whilst secure document management and archiving provides many benefits, it absolutely needs to meet particular safety and security standards for it to be truly effective. As discussed in this article, these include everything from proper encryption and data redundancy to data separation and document integrity.

DocuWare is a long established, widely recognised and popular solution for secure document archiving that meets the standards necessary for organisations to access and store their business-critical information with the highest confidence.

For further information on this, or to assist you with any other document management requirements why not get in touch with BPMS and let our in-house specialists work with you in achieving your goals of a more efficient and secure means of working.