Is your Business Struggling with Home Working?

Whilst few would argue that the forced change to home working has brought with it huge benefits to both business and employees alike from reduced overheads to a far better work/life balance, it has also delivered significant challenges.

Now that employees have proven themselves more than trustworthy, not to say at least as productive working away from the office, how do we increase their effectiveness?

From our many discussions with businesses both large and small during this challenging year, amongst the biggest issues they have faced has been the ability of employees accessing information retained within the office whilst working remotely and the ability to share this on a collaborative basis.

If you can identify with these issues within your own business, now may be the time to look seriously at the benefits an electronic document management system can bring to your organisation.

Saving Time and Space Processing Paperwork

This year’s restrictions and the likely ongoing way of working has resulted in employees, be they in HR, Operations or Finance, making regular trips to the office to open mail, view, replicate and transmit filing in order to keep the basics of business going. This has obviously been very frustrating, time consuming and potentially unsafe.

BPMS are well placed to help your business not only continue operating efficiently in these times but by providing the systems and services which will ensure your security, compliance effectiveness and prosperity long into the future, saving time, space and money. Here’s how…………….

Our Digital Services and Solutions 

Document Scanning and Archiving

  • Full Collection, Return and Secure Destruction Service
  • Document archive scanning service using the latest high tech equipment
  • Document Indexing
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) making documents text searchable
  • Full track and trace audit trail


Document Management Systems (DMS) 

Once you have taken the decision to digitalise your documents, the next key question to consider is how will you manage these? The time may now be right to consider the many benefits delivered through a document management system

BPMS, being independent, are able to provide a comprehensive range of DMS solutions be they Cloud based or on-premise.

All of the systems we deliver and support and designed to be very user friendly and come with an impressive array of functions all intended to make your life easier, more secure and much more efficient whilst saving you significant amounts of space and cash.

 The key benefits you will enjoy by using a DMS include:

  • Your information, regardless of its type may be uploaded and retrieved accurately and completely securely from any location and on any device. 
  • Immediate accurate retrieval of your documents via keywords, index criteria or via data saved within your existing other applications. 
  • Full integration with your existing software platforms allowing data to be shared and retrieved from either application seamlessly. 
  • Version control to ensure you are always working on the latest version of a document. 
  • Automating workflows to remove the need to push paper around your business and beyond. All activities being fully audit traced to identify who has done what and when. 

To discover more about how electronic working can benefit your business both now and long into the future why not get in touch here to have a chat with us or to arrange an initial no obligation consultation.