How to Move Seamlessly to Digital Working

The chances are you already have processes in place, you may consider them outdated, duplicating, inefficient, labour intensive and paper driven but they are there, nonetheless.

Assuming this is the case, you have a great place to start from, albeit moving to electronic working will provide the ideal opportunity to re-examine your existing processes and, in all likelihood, remove or alter those which were blighting your life.

Moving from a paper-based environment to an electronic one is as much about the cultural change as it is the financial commitment, as the return on investment should be both obvious and ongoing.

Over many decades, at BPMS we have supported businesses in a wide range of sectors from SME’s to Multi Nationals manage their transition from traditional to digital working and from our experience there are a few pointers we would like to share:

How to Make Your Transition Painless

Rule #1 – Involve Your People

Always, Always, Always involve all of those members of staff who are active in those current processes you are looking to digitalise. This sounds incredibly obvious and yet is so often overlooked.

Human nature being what it is, people generally do not like having things forced upon them, they may not necessarily say anything, but will do all they can to discreetly prove something doesn’t work. Involve them throughout, you not only gain their insights into the issues they are currently facing, but they will be willing supporters of the positive changes you are looking to make and their benefits.

Rule #2 – Avoid Being Too Radical

It is tempting when moving to an electronic way of working to change all your processes – make a fresh start so to speak.

It is generally unwise to be too radical too quickly, as this can often overwhelm members of your team and has the opposite effect to that you are trying to achieve.

It is usually better when moving to electronic processes to initially map out and implement those workflows which are currently operating and with which your staff are familiar. From this tweaks and changes can evolve gradually and be seen as positives without the potential for mass disruption.

Consultants assisting you with your transformation should fully map out your existing working processes via a professional scoping exercise and documentation, however our colleagues at DocuWare provide some useful Process Planners via their website which provide a useful insight.

Rule #3 – Processes Continually Evolve

 One of the real advantages of working digitally is that change is easy to implement and perhaps strangely this need is more obvious when working electronically as opposed to paper driven.

By far the best and most beneficial implementations begin with a mirroring of the existing workflows. Once these are installed and thoroughly tested, unnecessary actions, duplications and other inefficiencies will be far more obvious, and the necessary changes scoped and applied.

This will result in your system and working being allowed to evolve naturally without it being forced.

Over many years we have encountered many situations where the introduction of a document management/workflow system has been greeted with perhaps a degree of trepidation if not cynicism. However, this is always followed, very quickly, with those same people asking “Can the system do this, it would be really good if we could do that” as they see their working lives changing for the better.

So Why Would You Make the Move?

Fundamentally an electronic Document Management and Workflow solution allows your business to work exactly as you want and need it to.

You are no longer tied to restrictions of working with paper, free from its labour intensive, cumbersome, error prone, duplicating and environmentally damaging restrictions.

Good document management systems dovetail completely within your business and integrate fully with your existing software. This is likely to include email and web interaction and means that ALL of the information you generate, process and hold is all in the same place and easily accessible through a system of secure access permissions.

Furthermore, and perhaps increasingly important, your employees can be just as efficient whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Some systems, you may have noticed, are branded to have been designed for specific industries. Whilst this is to an extent true, the reality is that all good systems can be configured to exactly meet your way of working, regardless of your particular sector.


DocuWare provide some useful Process Planners via their website

Your Next Move

We hope you have found our insight useful, if you are now ready to begin the process of looking at how an electronic document management solution can bring immediate and sustainable benefits to your business. Why not get in touch with BPMS and let our specialists help you begin the journey to allow you to prosper in the new world of work.