The events of the last twelve months have finally dispelled the old myth that employees cannot work from home productively. They can, they’re efficient and both they and their employers are benefitting from what was long thought impossible – a better work/life balance.

Whilst those of us delivering remote working solutions never fully understood the requirement to drag everyone into the office every day, just to sit in front of a screen before once again facing the ravages of the daily commute, this is now increasingly being considered unnecessary by businesses both large and small.

All indications suggest that flexibility of working is likely to continue post the pandemic with employees working away from the office either permanently or at least on a regular basis.

With this in mind, businesses are now looking seriously at their accommodation requirements and considering if the pre COVID space they occupied is still relevant and if not, how might this change?

What Will the Future Office Look Like?

As seems likely, according to ongoing surveys, employees will be working very differently in the future. Some businesses have already announced that staff will not be returning to the office at all, whilst others have stated that their employees will be allowed the flexibility of some office working combined with that from home.

In any event, without the need to house every employee, every day, organisations are now seriously looking at their accommodation requirements for the future and realising there are potentially significant savings to be made.

When considering office downsizing and the provision of flexible working, one of the most important aspects is the availability of key information, how this will be accessed both by personnel working in the office but also those working increasingly remotely.

Furthermore, if the new working model allows you the opportunity to reduce office space and cost, there can be nothing more galling than to have to include space to house filing cabinets.

Helping You to Work Efficiently and Drastically Reduce the Cost of Office Space.

To ensure you are not holding any more information on the floor of your office than is absolutely necessary as part of your plans to downsize it wise to take advantage of the latest technologies available and this is where BPMS can help you with our years of delivering document management solutions to businesses both large and small and across a multitude of sectors.

Our range of services are comprehensive and allow us to provide exactly the right solution to deliver exactly the ongoing environment you require and include the following:

  1. Hard Copy Off-site Archive Storage

It is rarely cost effective to indiscriminately scan every document within the business. Certain files may be of a legacy nature and whilst rarely if ever viewed, need to be maintained for reasons of compliance or the point when they may be legally destroyed.

It is not necessary to maintain these files expensively on the floor, better to retain them securely offsite.

BPMS operate a state-of-the-art archive storage facility. Collecting your filing in our dedicated vehicles, it is maintained within our management system which delivers a full continuous audit of your archive, informs you of all movements and advises as to when documents are due for review and potential destruction.

  • Our hard copy document management services take all the management and guesswork away from you and ensure you are always in full control. 
  • With our scan-on-demand service it isn’t necessary for you to retrieve files, let us scan them to order and return them to you in the format of your choice. 
  • Log on to our cloud-based archive management platform and review your archive in real time and receive detailed audit reports of all activity. 
  1. Scanning Your Live Files

Whilst offsite archiving works perfectly and economically for those filles you access only occasionally or perhaps not at all, it clearly isn’t the answer for your live filing which is referenced frequently as part of your day-to-day business.

This potentially presents a dilemma, how do maintain regular access to your live filing without giving up valuable office space to filing cabinets which in itself defeats the object of downsizing.

Furthermore, how do employees access the information they require to carry out their work if they are working remotely and their files are in the office?

At BPMS we operate a fully staffed scanning bureau equipped with the latest technology. Our high-volume scanners are capable of delivering up to 1m high quality images per month and in addition we offer:

  • All images scanned to BS10008 to ensure the highest quality and legal admissibility and subjected to stringent quality control. 
  • Search for a document via its text through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) 
  • Files returned in the electronic format of your choice be that PDF, TIFF OR JPEG 
  • Files may be indexed with any metadata to ensure accuracy of retrieval. 
  • Once scanned files may be uploaded to Cloud based document management systems, returned via encrypted USB or accessible by secure SFTP.

Electronic Document Management/Workflow Automation

Clearly digitalising your day-to-day filing is a significant move to downsizing your office space however this is only half of the solution.

These files need to be securely available to those who require them whether they be in the office or working from home and obviously you don’t want to be creating a new paper mountain to replace the one you have removed – that rather defeats the object.

The introduction of a cloud-based document management system delivers on a number of levels and will allow you and your employees to work efficiently in the new working arena in the following ways:

  • Secure, permission-controlled access (allied to your SSO protocols if desired) to your data from any location and on any device. 
  • Instant access to filing via index, metadata or content text 
  • Version Control to ensure you are always working with the most up to date document with access to previous versions. 
  • Permission driven access controlling who is able to access which documents and what administrative rights they have. 
  • Workflow Automation takes the strain out of everyday processes delivering fast, accurate, error free and efficient working. 
  • Ensuring that your documents and processes are fully compliant.

Your Next Move

If the events of the last twelve months and the likely effect this is to have on future working have caused you to look at your ongoing office space requirements or you are aware of the need to work differently in the future, we are here to help you.

Bringing, as we do, decades of experience in the management of information utilising the latest initiatives we are well placed to ensure your organisation is operating in a secure, efficient, compliant and cost-effective manner.

Why not get in touch with BPMS and let our specialists help you begin the journey to allow you to prosper in the new world of work.