Why Would You Outsource Your Mailroom?

With the events of 2020 seeing more and more of us working remotely from the office there has never been a better case for moving to a digital mailroom

If this is something you have previously considered, or recent events have made your current processes unworkable and in need of an overhaul to cope with your new demands, then hopefully this article will be helpful to you.

  1. Streamlining your processes

Moving incoming and external mail around the business was possible prior to COVID 19 albeit with certain difficulties and inefficiencies, however this has become far more difficult if not well nigh impossible with employees working from many different locations.

Modern digital mailroom management ensures that all mail arriving to the business is sorted and delivered quickly to exactly the right persons inbox, first time, every time, regardless of their location.

  1. Vastly improved customer service

Most of us are all too familiar with the frustrations caused by missing mail, or mail which is simply directed to the wrong person.

This can result in significant delays in responding to enquiries causing frustration amongst your important clients who in turn will vent theirs with your staff with a resulting downturn in morale.

In digitalising your mail process, it can be quickly and accurately routed to whichever staff who need to handle it.

  1. All actions are tracked and traced

A digital mailroom provides your business with far greater control. Each item processed is subject to a full audit of its entire journey. Should you choose to integrate your digital mailroom with a document management system, documents received may be automatically included within your processes for even greater efficiency.

  1. Cutting your costs

Managing digital mailrooms is what we do and we are experts at it. By delivering our managed service our customers have been able to drastically reduce their costs compared with traditional manual processes and the inherent time-consuming errors it can bring.

  1. Gearing up for future remote working

With your staff working away from the office as never before, it is increasingly critical to take the work to them. Digital mail allows correspondence to be sent to the appropriate person for actioning or for upload to a document management system as part of a workflow process.

  1. Smarten up your mail processing

Handling mail manually is often time consuming, inefficient and error prone and as such is an expensive way of doing things. Digital mail is far more flexible and can be processed automatically through electronic workflow becoming cheaper, faster and way more efficient.

  1. Slash those paper storage costs

Office space is expensive to maintain, so why carry more than you need simply for the storage of paper. Digital mail takes up no physical space at all, is immediately available and with more of your staff working away from the office in the future, will allow you to drastically reduce your ongoing office costs.

  1. Helping the environment

Digital mail management means that paper usage is hugely reduced. Most documents ironically do not need to be printed other than for storage, whilst those arriving in paper form may be immediately recycled once they are digitalised. Better for the environment all round.

To find out more how digital mailroom management can bring long-term benefits to your business why not get in touch and speak with one of our experts.