What Will Be the New Normal for Business?

There is no doubt that the nature of work has changed dramatically in recent decades, especially with the rise of business technologies and employee welfare. But the impact of the COVID19 pandemic has pushed the world further towards a remote working model. For some, the challenge of adapting their practices seems daunting, not least Document Management, but the right DM Solution only makes life easy.

The remote working model offers much more freedom and flexibility to employees, allowing them to do their jobs practically anywhere in the world and at any time. But this is dependent on the ability to access documents. Digitalisation, involving the scanning and electronic storing of documents, has helped to make that possible. But there have been some drawbacks.

Surveys have revealed that many companies that have invested significantly in adopting full-scale electronic content and document management (ECM) software, only make use of about 50% of the system’s potential.

Over the last decade, the advances made in technology has made a huge difference to businesses. However, overall, the pick-up rate of technology has been markedly slow when it comes to document management.

Achieving Greater Efficiency

Underusing software is not the most efficient way of achieving business goals, but with the right document management system, a company can reach the efficiency levels they are targeting and enhance productivity in the process. A simple, easy-to-use and intuitive DM solution can do exactly that.

The working world is changing, but there is quite some way to go before more traditional working practices, especially in the area of document management, are completely done away with. In research carried out by the Association of Intelligent Information Management (AIIM), some 62% of companies are still ‘completely reliant on network share files. This means that almost two-thirds are not yet able to provide employees with access files if those employees are not in the office.

For many employees, the most logical way around this problem is to share documents with colleagues via personal file-sharing accounts and Gartner has discovered that 46% of employees have confirmed using this method. However, this creates significant data security fears and GDPR compliance issues.

Little surprise then that, according to Intuit, 77% of businesses would find it ‘useful to be able to access files remotely’.

Intuitive DM Solutions

So what exactly can the right document management solution provide a company that can help efficiency and productivity rates?

  1. Instant Access to Documents

Efficiency in remote working depends heavily on having access to necessary documents from anywhere and at any time.  With intuitive DM solutions, such as DocuWare, documents scanned or emailed into the system are captured by sophisticated technology known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This makes digitising and automating document filing effortless and the ability to retrieve any document simple and easy.

  1. The Ability to Share or Update

With access to documents so simple, the chance to share data amongst the team or department members is also simpler. Because the number of authorised users is unlimited, it means all those who need access and get it, and with an internal communication system at their disposal, documents located can be shared immediately once located.

It is also possible to update or add to documents when necessary, so the data being stored will always be kept relevant.

  1. Following Data Governance and Information Security Protocols

Depending on the sector that a company operates in, the type of documents being stored in an automated DM system is wide-ranging. They include Contract Lifecycle Management, Document and Records Management, Human Resources and Quality and Compliance.

Unsurprisingly, all such documents are sensitive, and so proper data governance is essential, as is adhering to the strict terms of GDPR. DM solutions must be able to ensure information security protocols are intact.

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