BPMS Guide

How to Calculate Document Scanning Volumes

Before you get started on any document scanning project, some essential work you’ll need to undertake will be calculating your document scanning volumes.

By this, we mean “how many documents have you got”. To be even clearer, in this case we mean how many pieces of paper do you have. 

Calculating document scanning volumes can sometimes be tricky, particularly if you don’t know the capacity of your files, folders, boxes or cabinets. 

BPMS have put together this guide to help you estimate your own document scanning volumes.


Archive/Bankers Box

An archive box(often referred to as a bankers box) can hold up to 2000 pages.

Cabinet Drawer

A cabinet drawer can hold around 3000 pages(possibly more if squeezed in). This will fill around 1 and a half archive boxes.

Lever Arch File

Lever arch files hold around 500 pages. If they have been over filled, they can hold up to 700 pages. An archive box can hold 4 lever arch files,

A4 Folder/File

A4 folders can hold up to 200 pages. An archive storage box can hold up to 10 A4 folders.

Document Wallet

Document wallets can hold up to 150 pages. You can fit up to 15 document wallets into an archive box.