How Combining Offsite Storage with Document Scanning Benefits your Business

For many businesses, keeping important documents close to hand remains a preference over storing them offsite and out of reach. Ease of access is often the reason, but secure offsite storage when combined with document scanning provides peace of mind that documents are safe, secure and always accessible.

It is not difficult to understand how onsite document storage can remain attractive, of course. Despite the often-significant office space taken up by rows of filing cabinets, important documents and information are always within reach.

However, research has continually proven that these traditional inhouse document storage systems are inefficient, both in terms for time and cost. Because document scanning utilises advanced technology to intelligently capture data from documents, all documents can be digitised, indexed and securely stored.

Through our secure offsite document storage services, paper documents can be stored securely in fully managed record centres, and retrieved and delivered when needed. On-demand scanning, meanwhile, allow for quick online access to specific documents in seconds.

However, there are many other benefits that come with combining secure offsite document storage with document scanning.

Benefits of Offsite Storage and Document Scanning Combo

1. More Office Space

The most obvious benefit is an uncluttered office, but while extra space and light boosts employee mental health and productivity, it also helps to cut costs. After all, office rental rates are calculated by square metre, with filing cabinets occupying ‘dead space’. This space can now be freed up to help generate more revenue.

2. On Demand Accessibility

As mentioned earlier, ‘offsite’ does not mean ‘out of reach’. Paper documents can be scanned and instantly viewed by or emailed to authorised personnel. And because the information is carefully protected, you can rest assured of complete GDPR compliance.

3. Greater Efficiency

In-house document scanning can be quite time-intensive, while filing and retrieving documents in-house is infamously laborious. But a secure offsite document storage service combined with an expert document scanning system means filing, archiving and retrieval times are slashed to a matter of seconds; less time filing, less time finding and less chance of document loss. It thereby helps your business achieve a greater level of operational and cost efficiency.

4. Quality & Transparency

As with any other system, quality is vital and is achieved by following step-by-step procedures. Unfortunately, human error from time-pressed staff can play havoc with maintaining the required levels of quality. A specialist offsite storage service provider is skilled in handling that undertaking, so delivers the highest quality results consistently.

What is more, because each step is followed and tracked, the required levels of transparency are maintained at every stage, ensuring full compliance with established records management policies and regulations.

5. Data Security

Unauthorised access to sensitive information can be hard to ensure when paper files can so easily be left lying around the office. Storing these documents – whether deeds, contracts or other critical paperwork – in a protected and security enhanced records centre is one way to control who gains access to them. Digitising them further protects them, against physical damage, like flood or fire, and in the cyber world, with encryption helping to protect them in the Cloud.

Meanwhile, document scanning provides secure management of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) relating to customers, suppliers, staff and other third parties. This in turn means that your organisation can rest easy that it remains fully GDPR compliant.

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