The Ealing Studios Finance department met with BPMS and following a consultation decided to implement DocuWare Professional Server to digitalise and automate their working practises.


Ealing Studios

Industry: Film & Television

Location: London, United Kingdom
Departments: Accounting, Invoice Processing
Document Types: Bank statements, account records, incoming A/P invoices

Ealing Studios is the oldest continuously working film studio in the world and the birthplace of thousands of recorded hours of creativity and entertainment.

Always at the forefront of media innovation, the Studios have launched many of Britain’s greatest dramas.


Over many years, Ealing Studios had been operating a manual system to process their growing number of paper based incoming A/P invoices.

This situation was proving increasingly problematic as the procedures for processing the invoices in association with purchase orders and line item accounting was considered time consuming, inefficient and potentially error prone.

In addition, a significant amount of paperwork was retained for both reference and statutory purposes placing a burden on valuable office space.

Payment authorisation of invoices was carried out on an entirely manual basis, each invoice being delivered to a senior member of management for their signature. This process was inevitably leading to delay and was having a negative impact on the department.

The Challenge

Ealing Studios sought a means by which their existing AP Invoice processing could be digitalised and automated in an effort to deliver efficiency, accuracy and compliance whilst saving valuable space taken up with archiving.

In addition, they also wished to integrate automated processes with their chosen MS Dynamics finance solution, allowing information to be shared within a single seamless depository.

Whilst based within the Accounting department the solution should be capable of allowing multi users within the organisation to review and authorise the payment of purchase ledger invoices either via their desktops or via any mobile device.

Owing to the nature of their business, it was also necessary to split invoices by line item across multiple cost coding’s and allow these to be authorised individually.

The Tasks

  • Analyse existing processes
  • Develop successive implementation concept
  • Integrate DMS with existing applications
  • Landscape & Define custom workflows
  • Reduce storage space

The Solution

The Ealing Studios Finance department met with BPMS and following a consultation decided to implement DocuWare Professional Server to digitalise and automate their working practises.


The first stage of this process was to carry out a full scoping exercise of the department’s documentation and existing manual processes with Simon George, Finance Director and his team.

The analysis paid particular attention to how the department worked with others in the business in respect of the authorisation of invoices and how these individuals needed to be included within any prescribed solution.  

Time was spent reviewing the way in which the department worked with the MS Dynamics NAV accounting solution including the generation of purchase orders and how this aspect would require integration within the DocuWare development.

Having thoroughly mapped, Ealing Studios financial documentation, existing workflow processes and user profiles and requirements/access permissions, a detailed Statement of Works was generated and agreed as the basis of the solutions development to fully deliver Ealing Studios requirement of a fully automated and integrated

Applied Modules

  • Professional Server
  • Smart Connect
  • DocuWare Mobile
  • Intelligent Index
  • AutoIndex
  • Task Manager
  • Storage Robot

The Benefits

Having taken the decision to move to a fully electronic automated system of working, Ealing Studios have realised many immediate benefits.

Simon George, the Groups Finance Director, commented

“Ealing Studios have moved from a paper driven invoice filing and workflow system to a fully paperless solution, without interrupting or changing our supplier processes and with no disruption at all to our supplier relationships and in a short timeframe”

The prestigious studios by working electronically have vastly improved every aspect of their finance accounting and delivery. Benefits have been immediate and the memories of moving paper around the business a distant memory.

The Benefits

  • Reduced Paper
  • No disruption & Greater Efficiency
  • Central Document Repository
  • Improved Security
  • Remote Access
  • Full Integration with Existing software
  • Improved Customer Service
“BPMS came to the process with a refreshingly flexible attitude, ably helped by a product, DocuWare, which supports flexible solutions”
SImon George
Finance Director

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