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Whichever sector you work in, organisations seriously underestimate how much paper they hold and the operational time taken to find lost documents. A filing cabinet alone can hold as many as 16,000 documents, whilst an archive box around 2,500 pages.

What is document scanning?

Document scanning allows you to digitalise a document to a file format that suits your operation. Specialist equipment and software are needed with a good understanding of how to use them – particularly if you’re looking to achieve high quality images and to digitally index them.

We offer a wide range of accredited document scanning services tailored to your requirements – freeing up valuable office space and enabling greater efficiency

What are the benefits of digitalising your documents?

  • Finding and accessing your documents: Digitalising your documents makes 24/7 access and retrieval to documents easier – using different devices and across teams and departments.
  • Reduced costs: The same document can be duplicated, faxed, manipulated or combined at the same time at no cost.
  • Secure systems: Digital documents can be kept on secure servers or the cloud using a document management system with only authorised users able to access them.
  • Better perception: Operating more efficiently is better for everyone. It certainly improves the customer experience and their expectations.
  • Kinder to the environment: A scanning project should run hand in hand with the introduction of a document management system to ensure you continue to reduce paper usage.

Our services include:

  • On-site scanning – We recognise that many organisations handle sensitive or confidential documents that can’t leave their site for security reasons. We carry out on-site scanning service which meets our customers’ requirements whilst delivering an electronic archive of documents. Your project will be carefully managed and tailored to your needs. Our experienced team will manage the project completely on your site from preparing the documents and quality checking the digital copies through to confidentially destroying hard copies onsite, if required.
    Large format – We can scan large format documents (usually larger than A3) and convert them to a digital format of your choice usually a tiff, JPG or PDF.
    Large format drawings, such as architects renderings or plans, can be converted into CAD (Computer Aided Design) files, such as .DWG and .DXF, which works with CAD software such as AutoCAD.
    Books – We offer a non-invasive process of converting hard copies, bound books and bound documentation into an electronic format, such as PFD, JPG and TIFF.
    Digital books are easy to replicate, search text, and gain access to information – whilst helping you to minimise storage space as well as protect the original valuable books against damage.
    Drawings – Large format drawings, such as architects renderings or plans, can be converted into CAD (Computer Aided Design) files, such as .DWG and .DXF, which works with CAD software such as AutoCAD.
    Invoices – We offer customised invoice scanning services, as well as data capture and digital document management solutions for finance and accounts payable departments – adhering with the HMRC guidelines for statutory requirements.
    Bulk scanning – Our bulk scanning service creates a complete archiving solution for a paperless way of working – and saves on storage costs. You also get quick desktop access to any of your files, as well as the security of having them saved them to the cloud or a local network.
    Scan on demand – This suits companies that have a large volume of documents for scanning but have no specific time constraint and want to spread the cost of the process. It provides complete flexibility; your files are stored and you simply request when you need one of the documents. The document is sent back in a digital format such as PDF, which you can share, duplicate, email, print and do anything you can do with regular digital files.
    Secure storage & destruction – We offer secure document storage services with collection services. Our quick digital retrieval and fully managed archive destruction will help your business free up valuable office space, secure your records and save time searching for documentation.

We adhere to best practices and meet the highest compliance standards for our industry.

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