Digital Document Solutions

Integrated digital document solutions that deliver compliance and greater efficiency

Electronic Document Management

Over the last few years there has been increasing focus on the paperless office with compliance issues around GDPR and advancements in technology and constant business drivers to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Introducing a document management systems brings a number of benefits:

  • Easier access and retrieval of your documents 24/7 across multiple devices .
  • Greater security with capability to control who has access to documents.
  • Greater efficiency and reduced costs through simplifying processes within a business and having documents stored on a secure web-based environment.
  • Improved customer experience.

BPMS can scope, deliver and support structures through strategic integration within existing platforms, providing immediate benefits and maintaining continuity with an overall business-wide structure.

We support customers in Identifying which digital system to adopt for their organisation – and whether to go for a cloud or server option:

  • Document Management Software handles file creation, sharing, manipulation and storage. A cloud-based solution tends to be the most popular, and perhaps more agile option, for SMEs due to its cost-effectiveness and lack of maintenance.
  • Enterprise Content Management solutions is often used for larger organisations, bringing together all the knowledge and information in one place and enabling project management from multiple locations and flexible working.

Getting the planning right is critical to success and we help customers to roadmap their programme and its implementation from breaking down and understanding outputs of existing processes through to compliance considerations and getting the right system. We’ll also help you bring your people onboard through communication and training.

Enterprise Content Management

We help companies to organise, manage, and distribute unstructured content such as documents, images, health or accounting records, surveys, product information, emails, and web pages through an Entreprise content management system (ECM).

This software is ideally suited to larger organisations looking for a self-hosted system and helps them to store, track, edit, and collaborate on content creation and other information-related projects. It supports security around documents and data through predefined and appropriate security levels.

Employees have the capability to access and exchange information using ECM software based on user access levels  assigned by a system administrator.

Cloud document management

This document management solution is developed for SMEs seeking a document management system but  do not have the necessary resources for doing document storage in a self-hosted system. 

Like any cloud based solutions, the solution is maintained in a secure external data center; there is nothing to install on your systems. You purchase access and maintain full control of your data and documents – as well as bypassing infrastructure and maintenance issues.

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