Childhood first

BPMS met with Lauren Dewsbury of Childhood First to gain a clear insight as to the scope of the project, documentation types and locations.

Childhood First

Industry: Children’s Services Charity
Location: London, United Kingdom
Departments: Children’s Homes, Human Resources, Compliance
Document Types: Pupil Records, Compliance & Audit, Employee Records

Childhood First was formed more than a century ago providing specialist 24/7 treatment and theraputic education for children with complex psycological, emotional and behavioural needs. 

Currently they operate four residential children’s homes, a special school and a theraputic fostering service. A further home is scheduled to open in early 2021 to provide yet more invaluable help to those most vulnerable. 

Childhood First were operating an entirely paper driven environment across all departments in both their Head Office and residential homes. This was proving increasingly problematic in terms of access and the increasing pressure being placed on limited storage facilities. 

Given the nature of their work, much of the information generated and collated by Childhood First had to be maintained for extended periods, in the case of material relating to pupils in their charge decades. As a result, a solution was sought to manage information efficiently, cost effectively and compliantly.

The Challenge

Childhood First sought a solution to their growing document archive issues.

All existing filing both live and historic should be digitalised to both deliver electronic access and to reduce the current on-floor filing to free up space the Trust could use for their core activities.

A solution should be implemented from Head Office via network but be available to others regionally based where required.

It was critical that any system delivered accurate and immediate access to information via client driven criteria.

Information should be available via the Childhood First network through secure, permission driven access.

The solution should be capable of being updated as new information is added or removed.

Once documents were digitalised the original hard copy should be destroyed to current EU standards upon written authority from the Trust.

The Tasks

  • Analyse existing documentation
  • Develop implementation concept 
  • Integrate DMS with existing applications 
  • Landscape, Define & develop custom process
  • Capable of Update
  • Reduce storage space
  • Secure Destruction Process

The Solution

BPMS met with Lauren Dewsbury of Childhood First to gain a clear insight as to the scope of the project, documentation types and locations.


Each location was visited in turn and a full inspection of the documentation carried out followed by a detailed inventory by type of the characteristics and index retrieval requirements.

In a controlled manner, to ensure minimum disruption, a careful schedule was prepared by location for the scanning of the documentation.

Documents were collected in strict order from each location and transferred to BPMS’s specialist scanning centre for processing in line with agreed requirements. A scan on demand facility was put in place in the event that a particular document was required during this period.

Each document was carefully scanned using the latest technology to deliver the highest quality reproduction possible. This was critical as many documents contained colour and featured hand written text.

Once scanned, each document was carefully loaded into BPMS’s search and find software solution, together with its index characteristics, enabling documents to be retrieved by users both accurately and quickly.

The software application was located on the Childhood First server network, allowing users with the appropriate permissions access to the data applicable to their working regardless of their location.

Following a period of review and on written authority, BPMS securely destroyed the majority of the original hard copy archive to current EU standards this freeing up much valuable space.

Applied Modules

  • BPMS Server Software
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Refined Index Classification
  • Secure Document Destruction

The Benefits

Childhood First had realised that it had simply become unworkable to continue working with and storing paper, given the nature of their work and the increasing pressures on time and space.

Having taken the decision to move to an electronic solution, their important and often sensitive information is now instantly available only to those who are entitled to view it, it is secure and fully backed up.

In addition, they have immediately freed up important space to increase and continue their invaluable work without the need to either relocate or extend their existing facilities and the inevitable costs this would incur.

The Benefits

  • Reduced Paper
  • No disruption & Greater Efficiency
  • Central Document Repository
  • Improved Security
  • Remote Access
  • Improved Customer Servic
“A very professional and efficient service was provided by BPMS. Their Can-Do attitude is always a comfort and their time-tested procedures have proven, beyond doubt, their worth.”
Lauren Dewsbury
Office Manager

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