Following an on-site review of the current filing methods employed by Adams Morey, BPMS were able to advise and prescribe a solution which would allow the HR department to manage their employee records electronically.

Adams Morey

Industry: Automotive
Location: SouthernEngland
Departments: HR
Document Types: Current Employee Records

Adams Morey is part of the Greenhous Group which holds the position as one of the leading independent commercial vehicle enterprises in the UK.

Adams Morey themselves were launched in 1973 and have succesfully built an extensive customer base in the truck and van marketplace across the South Coast.

Headquatered in Southampton, they operate across eight sites in Bournemouth, Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Southampton and Salisbury.

Adams Morey are the main DAF trucks dealership in the area providing sales, parts, repairs and servicing in each of their locations.

The business has grown consistently over many years, driven on by a very strong customer service ethos.

The Challenge

Whilst much of the Human Resource department within Adams Morey had been operating electronically on a day to day basis for some time, the ongoing maintenance of current employee records remained in hard copy. 

This situation presented certain operational difficulties in respect of access, update, and compliance which Adams Morey were keen to address. 

Having recently relocated to new premises, the HR team were keen not to take up much of their new accommodation with filing cabinets and consequently sought a means by which current employee records could be maintained and retrieved through electronic means. 

It was critical that any solution delivered had the capability to allow secure permission driven access to the employee records and that this could be achieved both within and from outside of the office environment. 

Each record should be capable of being retrieved from a database via Adams Morey’s chosen index title criteria and that a search of a files text also be possible.

The Tasks

  • Agree project plan
  • Arrange collection of archive
  • Specialist processing of employee records
  • Apply index protocols and text search capability
  • Deliver electronic records and search and find software to Adams Morey

The Solution

BPMS were contacted by Rachel Byers, Human Resources Manager at Adams Morey. 

Following an on-site review of the current filing methods employed by Adams Morey, BPMS were able to advise and prescribe a solution which would allow the HR department to manage their employee records electronically. 

This involved organising the physical collection of the existing archive to BPMS’s state of the art scan centre. 

Each file then being carefully scanned to produce an absolute facsimile of the original hard copy version and indexed for retrieval in line with Adams Morey’s specific requirements. 

Each file was fully OCR enabled to allow Adams Morey’s HR team to carry out a full text search of the contents. 

Once fully scanned, indexed and OCR’d, each file was carefully set within BPMS’s software to allow Adams Morey to retrieve any record or groups of records at the click of a mouse. 

This software application also allowed Adams Morey complete control over who was able to access the filing to ensure both security and compliance of their critical and sensitive employee records.

Applied Services

  • Document Collection
  • Document Preparation
  • Specialist File Scanning
  • Specific File Indexing
  • Full OCR file delivery
  • Image & Software Delivery
  • Return and installation of database and filing

The Benefits

As a result of moving to electronic working through BPMS, greater security and efficiency has been enjoyed within Adams Morey’s Human Resource department.

No longer are they reliant upon a single hard copy record which was often prone to response delays and potential misfiling.

They are now assured of retrieving exactly the up to date record they require and can transmit this in whole or part without the pitfalls of it being undermined or leaving the office.

Expensive and prestigeous office space is no longer given up to large filing cabinets with the added potential to deliver measurable space and cost savings.

HR Department staff members no longer need to speand time in locating filing and can dedicate more of their time to the long-term wellfare of the company’s employees.

The Benefits

  • Protection of data
  • Central document repository
  • Improved security
  • Remote access
  • Compliance
"Neil and his team provided a professional and efficient service and completed the project within the agreed timeframes. Neil was extremely helpful and we have been delighted with the service from BPMS which has enabled us to move to a paperless HR office."
Rachel Byers
Human Resource Manager

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